Hiking on Mallorca

Hiking on Mallorca

If you want to discover the diverse landscape, we would recommend you to go hiking on Mallorca.

Not far from our holiday home Casa Helia, you can start a great hiking trip.

We have selected one tour from the many options available. We appreciate your suggestions as well!

Port d’Andratx – Sant Elm

Starting from the marina car park in Part d’Andratx, you walk to the mainstreet, going slightly uphill in a northerly direction towards Montport. After a while you will be at the homestead “Xanadu” (easily identified by a sign on the gate) where you have to turn left. The road now becomes a laneway. You pass an iron gate and proceed further up the hill.
The lane leads you further on, winding in several places. After about an hour, the first part of the climb is behind you and you can enjoy a beautiful view across Majorca’s southwest border for the first time.
To your right, you’ll see some old limekilns. The lane leads on to the north – do not turn left (downhill towards the coast). In several places, the way is marked with daubs of colour.

Approximately 1 hour later comes a difficult part: here, you should leave the laneway by going right at the place marked with stones laid crossways. You then follow the very narrow path downhill to the north. This part of the tour is a somewhat physically demanding and leads down a rather steep slope to the coast.
After a short while, you will find a route going left that is a little wider. This will lead you, in a large curve, to Sant Elm.

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