Culture of Mallorca

Culture of Mallorca

If you stay in one of our vacation homes, you have the possibility to discover the diversity of the culture of Mallorca.


In Mallorca, people speak Castilian (Spanish) and Mallorqui, a Catalan dialect that is strongly akin to provincial French.
Since the general autonomy of the Balearic province in 1983, the name of every street and towns has been changed.

Chequered history

Because of its strategically important location, Mallorca was fought over for centuries. Phoenicians, Greeks, Romans, Vandals and Arabs all left their mark. In 1129, Mallorca was an independent kingdom before being reincorporated into Spain 150 years later. Countless watch towers along the coast are evidence of constant raids by pirates.


Mallorca’s most important economic factor is the service sector that revolves around the tourist industry. Key products include leather goods, artificial pearls, furniture and blown glass. Agriculture has become economically meaningless, but that should not deter you from trying some of the locally manufactured oils, wine or olive products.

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